We Are Movement at Agila Sverige

We participate at this years Agila Sverige conference with two lightning talks: Fredrik Viljesjö about customer focus and autonomous teams, and Magnus Westerberg about an ongoing Agile transformation in an organization close to you.

We participate in Agila Sverige with two lightning talks:

Why should we care about the customer? We are an autonomous team! 
by  Fredrik Viljesjö
In our eagerness to create self-governing agile teams, new silos can sometimes arise. The teams work on what they perceive as their mission, such as their component. What does this mean for the end customer? Are we creating something good together? Are we taking responsibility for the organization’s overall goals in the long run?
When: Thursday 10:56

The 100-year-old who transformed in 100 days
by Magnus Westerberg & Lisa Wikström från HSB
HSB celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. We are a cooperative federation that was able to transition to an Agile way of working in just a few months. Here, we share our experiences so far.
När;: Torsdag 11:08

See you at Agila Sverige!