DevOps “In practice” extra day with SAFe DevOps course

We are proud to introduce an unique add-on to our popular SAFe DevOps course, an extra hands-on DevOps In Practice day with DevOps tools like CI/CD pipelines and Docker containers.

The SAFe DevOps course is a highly interactive workshop style course where participants get to know their own delivery pipeline and get improvement item to bring home. It serves well as theoretical overview of what DevOps is and touches all key concepts. But sometimes it’s only when you see it with your own eyes and can play around with it that you truly understand what DevOps is about and how it can look.

By adding a hands on “in practice” day students get a more complete understanding. They get to try some of the more technical tools themselves. Participants bring their our own computers and go through a real scenario. We’ll look at how an app on our own laptop can be added to a pipeline with automated tests and deployed as a production service. Then dive into how a change to the app actually works, from source control in GIT through the CI/CD pipeline all the way to Docker containers in test and production environment.

Find more information and available dates here.

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May 2024