Corona virus precautions

Dear all, here's a short update detailing our approach to the Corona virus and how we deal with the situation related to our courses.

**Update: Most of our public courses are now postponed until late May / June. Please see the latest blog entry about our Agile in-house and online courses here: In-house Agile courses and workshops **

We aim to create an environment where everybody feels as safe as possible. So as an added cautionary measure we ask any participant who has been to a risk area during the last 14 days, to reach out to us over email so we can help you re-book for a future instance of the course free of charge. We also require any We Are Movement trainer who has visited a risk area to stay at home for 14 days before giving a class.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as an an aggressive cold or fever, you should also consider rescheduling with us. Just as we expect you to do normally out of respect for others.

Except of that, we follow the guidance created by the Swedish government institution for public health, Folkhälsomyndigheten:

We also ask all participants and trainers to follow the personal hygiene and prevention recommendations created by the institute of public health during the course:

  • Avoid touching the face or eyes and close contact with sick people.
  • Wash your hands often using soap and warm water, before a meal, when handling food and after visiting the toilet. Hand disinfectant can be an option if you do not have the opportunity to wash your hands properly.
  • Sneeze in your armpit or a paper towel to prevent potential contagion from spreading in your surroundings or contaminating your hands.

Just as we usually do to keep our team safe from germs.

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