Hello World, We Are Movement

We are all about creating the highest possible quality Agile/Lean training and advisory services that you can find in the Nordics.

Let us be your partner on your Agile journey.

Movement was founded by us in Stockholm during 2019, and our shared ambition is to help grow the next generation of innovative and productive organizations in the Nordics.

We have a trainer/advisor team with both international experience and strong local roots. Together we form a movement that can deliver the best Agile/Lean training and advisory services for your leaders, managers, and team members that is on an Agile journey.

We firmly believe that quality is the most crucial problem to solve. So we want you to feel that the learning you have in our courses and the advice you get from us builds on both real, practical experience as well as a solid theoretical foundation. Our approach to quality further extends into the overall experience when you attend one of our courses, workshops, or masterclasses. We always use the best suppliers to create a unique and comfortable experience with excellent facilities, fantastic food, and an overall comfortable learning environment.

If you are someone who needs an experienced trainer and advisor on your journey, or if you are someone who needs a platform for your fantastic training and advisory skills, then you are welcome to join our Movement!

/Carl Starendal, Emanuel Felix Tunbjer and Fredrik Viljesjö