The Scrum Master helps the team feel safe

Meet We Are Movement Associated Trainer and Consultant Eji Stenlund while we talk to her about about her experiences with coaching Scrum Master in to working with teams and building psychological safety.

What got you interested in team building?
I am extremely interested in Connection between people. In other words, what makes us humans really come close to ourselves and each other. It is very much about creating an environment with a high level of psychological security and enabling that journey to work really well together. This is the foundation that will then carry the house 😊

What is the difference between the Scrum master and the line manager’s role?
It differs somewhat from company to company, but generally I would say that the line manager usually has budget and personnel responsibility, while the Scrum master coaches the team in its journey to become a prosperous and high-performing agile team.

Do you have any tips for new Scrum Masters?
I often use the analogy of building a house. The team needs to learn how to use the tools in their Lean Agile toolbox, and also understand in which situation the various tools are needed and for what purpose.

The Safe principles and lean agile values ​​are extremely important to help the team understand and shift the focus to why we work the way we do. In other words, why are the tools needed and then comes the how: et. It increases participation and enables the team to use the right tools themselves based on the situation.