DevOps in Legacy Environments

– Free Webinar with Marc Rix and Fredrik Viljesjö

We’re very happy to welcome Marc Rix, creator of the SAFe DevOps course. We will talk about how we can work with DevOps in larger organizations with a heavy legacy in their environments. We Are AW gatherings is your chance to dive into a subject online and in-person. This specific event is an online webinar focused on DevOps.


2020-08-27 DevOps in Legacy Environments

This webinar has already taken place, but you are welcome to watch a recording of the DevOps webinar here.

Our DevOps expert Fredrik Viljesjö will explore how to work with DevOps in legacy environments together with Scaled Agile Fellow Marc Rix who created the SAFe DevOps course. Sometimes it might feel like DevOps is something for startups and internet unicorns but DevOps is actually even more relevant in established enterprises. 

Legacy environments is often a sign of having had great success. Making sure that those systems and companies can transition into the digital era is sometimes hard. Having a Continuous Delivery Pipeline in place ensures quality and speed while reducing Total Cost of Ownership over time. Even though DevOps has been synonymos with things like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform it’s as accessible within a large company infrastructure as well. The structured approach with automatic testing like unit tests and BDD combined with disciplined Source Control Management (SCM) are keys to success. It’s about our everyday work within the teams of our organisations to succeed with building and getting our products deployed into the hands of our customers.

Listen in and contribute with your questions in this webinar version of We Are AW.

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