Value Stream Identification, lessons from the wild

Carl Starendals presentation from a meetup in Gothenburg about value stream identification and lessons from doing it in the field

Both my own experience and the guidance in the SAFe framework tells the same story on this topic. Before you start improving your delivery using a lean/agile approach, it is essential to stop and identify how value moves in the organization and really what the word value actually means for your context and customer.

I have used the Value Stream Identification workshop that SAFe recommends many times to do just this and have achieved excellent results with it, but I have also had many mistakes/learnings using it. So, I decided to condense my experience into a meetup & workshop to share it with more people, and it is now available as a video here:

The slides used are available here:

If you would like to learn more about value stream identification or even become certified in doing it, I suggest you attend on of my upcoming courses that you can find below here in the blog:

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