Project Description


Agile Customer Experience Development

Two days of training and deep dives around Agile CX
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  • Introduction to Agile Customer Experience Development

  • Navigating the UX, UI, CX, design and experience concepts

  • Identifying CX Development bottlenecks 

  • Making the Customer Experience customer value driven

  • Removing bottlenecks to achieve faster time to market for CX

  • Integrating Customer Experience Development in your Agile team of teams

  • Method and tools for hypothesis driven automated validation

  • Applying your insights in your organisation


The Crowd
This is a course for digital designers, UX designers as well as people in marketing and communications that want to get a better understanding of modern customer experience development. Product owners and front end developers in cross-functional teams will also benefit.

Business owners thinking about how to shorten time to market for improved customer experiences or anyone in an organisation wanting to set up a more effective team structure for customer experience development would greatly benefit from the course.


After participating in this course:

  1. You will be able to shorten the time to market of your customer experience solutions. 
  2. You will have a clear understanding of how to integrate customer experience in general development. 
  3. You will be able to set up customer experience processes that combine branding, communications and automated, data-driven analysis. 


To compete in a world saturated with disruption and an increasing rate of change, every organisation needs to improve its customer experience continuously. And if the speed of technological change is furious, the speed/rate of change in customer experience is always ten to fifteen times faster, since design utilises every technology in many different ways and because design modules are easier to change than the tech stack.

Gone are the days when customers were content with ‘technology that delivers new services’. Now it’s very common that companies see consumers move to a competitor when they release a new app or a new web interface, even though the actual functions and services are comparable. Instead they switch brands because the Customer Experience is better.

Regardless of this increased need for speed in delivering higher value in/of Customer Experience, a majority of organisations find themselves with a lot of bottlenecks in Customer Experience development. Even disruptors on the forefront of the digital evolution and companies that are far gone in implementing Agile methods for development generally, struggle with time to market for high quality design and continuous improvement of the Customer Experience. We all recognise the most common blocker in sprint grooming: ‘That user story lacks UX’.

This two day interactive course will help participants identify CX bottlenecks and CX development improvements within their organisations and implement iterative, continuous improvement for the Customer Experience. Participants will be able to integrate higher quality design development better in SAFe/Agile teams and learn how CX supports each value stream – especially how integrated CX development delivers higher customer value. The course participants will leave with the ability to change current CX work into high value creation by identifying and prioritising customer value and get out of the UX straight jackets.

The course participants will also learn how to leverage tools like automated style guides and preparing the CX stack for machine learning automation.


None. Everyone is welcome to attend the course without prior experiences in design and Agile. You will probably have a better experience of the course if you have current experience in an environment where Customer Experience is a part of your digital service and product development. Or just a passion for the subject!


  • Two days interactive high quality course with We Are Movement trainers, deeply experienced in Customer Experience and Agile.

  • Membership in the We Are Movement Slack Community

  • Agile Customer Experience workbook to use during the sessions/exercises

  • Light breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee every day in training

  • High quality course venue

  • Key actions for the change backlog in your own organization


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