From hypothesis to customer validation with Design Sprints

Recording of the We Are Movement webinar about Design Sprints with Emanuel Tunbjer and Magnus Westerberg, where they showed and discussed how to use Designs Sprints in a recurring way in large organisations

Here you can watch a recording of the We Are Movement webinar with Magnus Westerberg and Emanuel Tunbjer on the topic of Design Sprints that took place on November 22.

In this webinar we introduced the concept of design sprints and walked through how we can speed up our customer centric development. We discussed how to move from formulating hypotheses to a solution validated by customers in just five days – by executing design sprints!
Speeding up conceptual development for digital marketing, services and products have become a crucial factor due the the digital leap we’ve made during the pandemic. The design sprint PDCA cycle has shown itself to be a great tool for this in many large organisations. And since it’s based on Design Thinking cornerstones, co-creation and the customer is at its heart. It’s time to popularize the concept and make it easier to handle challenges throughout the whole organization.

Watch the webinar recording: