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Book Circle as a Service

A Facilitated Book Circle for Your Organization
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Having trouble making continuous learning part of the day to day work?
Tested book circles but did not get it to fly over time?
We can help out with your Agile, Lean, Devops and Leadership learning journey in the form of facilitated book circles.


Each book is supported by 6-9 sessions, led and facilitated by a subject matter expert, with vast experience of the subjects covered in the book. The sessions are all well prepared with slides to follow and additional experience based discussions and learnings.

We love learning. We love reading. We love exploring theories and practical problems with other engaged people. Book circles are the perfect combination of those passions. Informal, low investment, great sharing opportunity, easy to tie to local context.

You can invest in your staff by bringing in an experienced guide to run facilitated book circles, every week, fortnightly or monthly – the schedule is set up together with you so it suits you and your organization and staff. Bring this into your Communities of Practice, Guilds or Chapters to help with creating a learning organisation.


The Leadership Model Book Circle
Gerry Larsson, Ann Zander, Josi Lundin, Rikard Ehnsiö

A facilitated book circle about The Leadership Model: the art of matching individual and organizational characteristics. This is the quintessential guide to modern science based management and leadership, covering the theoretical part of Developmental Leadership (DL), Indirect Leadership (IL) and Understanding Groups and Leader (UGL).
More details about the The Leadership Model Book Circle

Six Simple Rules Book Circle
Yves Morieux, Peter Tollman
A facilitated book circle about Six Simple Rules: How to Manage Complexity without Getting Complicated – a management book based on solid scientific ground on the need and how to promote autonomy and cooperation. This book exemplifies how to manage complexity and explains the implications for designing and leading organizations. See this 12 minute video as a teaser. It’s a great book circle book.
More details about the Six Simple Rules Book Circle

Accelerate Book Circle
Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, Gene Kim
A facilitated book circle about Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations – on how to organize modern software development from validated principles and processes. A must read for any leader in software centric organization.
More details about the Accelerate Book Circle


Order an internal book circle for your organisation – we will run 6-9 sessions at your office or online, on an agreed schedule.
Just contact us below and we will get back to you to organize it.
Number of participants: 8 – 16 per circle
Pricing: 40.000 – 50.000 SEK for the whole book circle.


  • Six to nine book circle sessions, one hour each

  • Prepared slides and workshop material

  • Membership in We Are Movement Slack Community for discussions and follow up

  • Experienced expert and book circle facilitator

  • Certificate of participation


Peter Antman

Peter Antman

Peter Antman has led and coached engineering organizations for the last 20+ years in different roles, the last five years as a Director of Engineering at Spotify. Peter’s passion is helping companies get really well at developing software based products through organizational improvements and leadership development. Peter is a well known expert on Agile, Lean and DevOps, has a background in the open source community, and a long track record as a software engineer and architect.

One of Sweden’s foremost and most experienced people in Agile development” – Peter Frey, CIO Expressen/CTO & CPO Betsson Group

Peter is the author of the book Tillsammans – så skapar du flyt och egenmakt med Agile och Lean (Together – the way to create flow and self governance with Agile and Lean), a frequent blogger and presenter.
He has been organizing book circles in different forms or shapes for most of his career. With Peter’s words: “Yet, over time it has been super hard to sustain them, at least for me. Until I tried a new method: facilitated sessions with prepared slides and workshops. A great way to learn together”. 


You have the opportunity to join any of our scheduled open book circles when they are available.
Number of participants: 8 – 16 per circle
Register your interest on the book circle you’re interested in and we’ll let you know as soon as we have enough sign ups to start.
Upcoming public book circle: Six Simple Rules – Online Book Circle


Enter your details here below, and we’ll contact you to work out the details for your next Book Circle.

Facilitated Book Circles


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