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Achieving Product Development Flow – Masterclass with Don Reinertsen

Learn how to manage and orchestrate development projects following advanced Lean principles


  • How to calculate and use “Cost of Delay” in your development process

  • Finding, monitoring and controlling bottlenecks in your process

  • Shortening lead-time through systematic reduction of batch sizes

  • Creating room for innovation, by allowing for variation in the process

  • And much much more…


This program is designed for managers who currently play a role in product development. It will be particularly useful to companies that are reaching the point of diminishing returns using conventional approaches to product development and lean product development.


An intense two-day workshop covering practical, economically justifiable approaches for improving flow in product development.

Initial attempts to apply lean methods in product development copied behaviors that worked in manufacturing; this approach doesn’t work — product and service development is a profoundly different domain. Eliminating all variability works in manufacturing; in product development it eliminates all innovation.

Achieving Product Development Flow takes a different, science-based approach. It relies on understanding mechanisms of action and quantifying trade-offs. It uses economics, statistics, queuing theory, and concepts from telecommunication network design. This workshop covers the ideas contained in Don Reinertsen’s bestselling book, “The Principles of Product Development Flow.” It focuses on proven leverage points and specific practical methods that have helped participants achieve as much as a 90 % reduction in cycle time.

It is fundamentally different from other workshops in its intense focus on quantification, economic justification, and the use of a science-based approach for applying lean.


All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience. However, it is preferred that participants have a basic understanding of lean techniques and few years of experience in product development.


  • Two days of high quality training from Don Reinertsen

  • Membership in the We Are Movement Slack Community

  • Physical attendee workbook

  • Light breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee every day in training

  • High quality course venue


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November 2019

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